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Dr Who Radio Control K9

Manufacturer's Description

K9 is a valuable part of the doctors team and helps fight against the evils of the galaxy. Command your own fully functioning K-9 with movement, 360 degree travel, flashing lights & speech. Includes nose gun blast and 6 other phrases. Requires 4xAA batteries for K-9 and 1x9V for RC not included. Reviews This Radio Controlled version of this famous, faithful robo-dog sidekick K9, is a must have for Dr Who fans of all ages. K9 is a mobile computer in the shape of a dog constructed by Professor Marius of a medical foundation to be a companion for him whilst in deep space. K-9 is both a huge database and has defensive capabilities being equipped with a retractable laser in his nose which can be set to stun or kill. He can integrate with virtually any computer system including the TARDIS and has been responsible for getting the Doctor out of many a tricky and dangerous situation. With 360 degree movement, K9 will be the perfect companion for budding timelords.


  • Lucy (6) - I love K9 because hes just like a real dog but a robot one as well and hes really clever. Hes really easy to play with.
  • Joshua (10) - I like the K9 toy, its a bit like the radio control Dalek but hes not bad like the Daleks, he helps the Doctor. Its cool because you can take the side off and look inside.
  • Mark (38+) - This is another really well made Doctor Who toy, and its nice to see a different remote control toy than a Dalek. It's been really well made in comparison to what you saw on the tv show, and the removable side panel is a nice touch. I think this is another great value Dr Who toy.